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History: 4 Gunmen Murder Zanzibar Chief and Wound 2 Aides

ZANZIBAR, April 8 (AP) — Sheik Abeid Amani Karume, the onetime sailor who ruled Zanzibar under a stern socialist regime and brought in Peking technicians to help develop the island, was shot to death there last night by four men.

The Tanzanian Government, with which Zanzibar is united, reported today that Sheik Karume had been killed and two members of the Revolutionary Council, of which he was chairman, had been wounded in the shooting at a political headquarters. Sources said Sheik Karume was playing cards with friends when the assassins struck.

Thabit Kombo, secretary‐general of the Afro‐Shirazi party, Zanzibar’s only political group, was reported seriously wounded. Another council member, Ibrahim Sadala, also was shot, reports from the island added.

The Revolutionary Council announced over the Zanzibar radio that it would continue Sheik Karume’s leftist policies. The council of about 30 persons remained in control. Tanzanian sources said the assassination had not been followed by an attempt to overthrow the government. There was no word, however, on who might have, been behind the killing.

The council lifted a curfew for three hours this afternoon to allow Zanzibaris to shop, then reimposed the curfew until further notice. Armed troops and civilians were in the streets. Public buildings were guarded.